(aka Flight School Airpark)

The Noisemakers

There are many central Florida area flight schools using this airpark on a fairly regular basis. Two of the largest users of this airpark's runway lately have been Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Air America Flight School and their affiliates all based in Daytona Beach 16 miles away from Massey Airpark.
Here is an example of how Embry-Riddle has been using Massey Airpark lately. The following sound file is about 9 minutes long and was recorded on Saturday, October 3. 2009 between 9am and 10am. Aircraft with a tail number ending in ER are Embry-Riddle operated aircraft.

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For those who say nothing can be done, here is an example of what nearby New Smyrna Beach Municipal Airport has done to try to be considerate to their residents. Several years ago New Smyrna Beach adopted a voluntary noise abate program at their airport.

Here is another example of consideration and respect shown to residents living near Martin County, FL's Witham airport.